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If an object is caught during the operation, seat operation will stop. If the indicator light above the switches flashes while the stowing switch is being pushed, the stowing operation will not start.

Be sure to operate the seats Otherwise, the seat cushion and seat from outside the vehicle. To prevent damage to the armrest, Do not drive with the head re- avoid putting heavy loads on it.

To turn it off, move the dial downward until it stops. When the seat heater is not in use, move the dial fully downward.

Always wear the belt with the shoul- der portion over the outside armrest and the lap portion under the outside armrest. Failure to do so may in- crease the chance of injury in an ac- cident.

Slide the anchor up. Push in the lock release button tracts. After adjustment make sure the anchor is locked in position.

Buckle 1—Matches the tab with the operation. Do not use the center seat belt of the third seats with either buckle re- leased.

Fastening only the shoulder belt or lap belt may cause serious personal injury in case of a sudden braking or a collision.

You will then be able to smoothly pull Seat belt must be stowed before you fold the belt out of the retractor.

Be sure to wear the seat belt with the seat belt extender. This helps prevent until the seat belt is fixed, because damage to the vehicle interior and extend- it cannot protect an adult occupant er itself.

If any seat belt does not retract or sole cannot be pulled out due to a malfunc- tion or activation of the relevant seat belt pretensioner.

The seat belt pretensioner assembly or surrounding area has been damaged. Always wear your seat belts properly. Front passenger occupant classification system ECU and sensors 6.

If you can safely exit from the vehicle, you should do so im- mediately. Repairs made on or near the front dangerously interfere with the SRS fenders, front end structure, con- front airbags operation.

SRS front airbags to inflate. The light comes on or starts flashing The pad section of the steering wheel while driving.

Side airbag modules soap and water. If you can safely exit airbag and inflator from the vehicle, you should do so imme- 6.

Curtain shield airbag sensors diately. Do not apply excessive weight to the outer side of the seats with a side airbag, and to the front and side pillars and roof side rail with a curtain shield airbag.

Likewise, a small child in the vehicle. When the ignition key is turned to the properly. The light comes on or starts flashing while driving.

Put weight on the front passenger seat by putting your hands or feet on the seatback from the rear passenger seat.

Do not put weight on the front pas- senger seat by putting your hands or feet on the front passenger seat seatback from the rear passenger seat. This will prevent it from in- juring passengers in the event of a sud- den stop or accident.

To hold the infant seat securely, make sure the belt is in the lock mode before letting the belt retract. Follow all the installation ger.

When the belt is then retracted even slightly, it cannot be extended. To hold the seat securely, make sure the belt is in the lock mode before letting the belt retract.

To hold the convertible seat securely, belt. Keep the lap portion of the belt make sure the belt is in the lock mode tight. To remove the booster seat, press the Follow the procedure below for a child buckle release button and allow the restraint system that requires the use belt to retract.

Anchor brackets are installed for each second seating position. Remove the head restraint. Make sure the top strap is securely latched, and check that the child re- straint system is secure by pushing and pulling it in different directions.

Follow all the installation instructions provided by its manufacturer. Anchor brackets are installed for right and Latch hook onto the anchor center seating position.

Follow all the installation in- structions provided by its manufac- turer. Then ad- just the seatback to the 5th lock position. Make sure the seat and seatback are locked securely.

Otherwise, the child vehicle. The seat back will automati- cally stop. Do not touch the switch while the seat- back is moving, because the operation will stop.

For installation details, refer to the instruc- or second seat occupant s may tion manual equipped with each product.

Any object seen in a convex mirror will look smaller and farther away than when seen in a flat mirror. Do not drive with the mirrors folded backward.

Both the driver and pas- senger side rear view mirrors must be extended and properly adjusted before driving. Night driving—Lever at position 2 mode.

Remember that by reducing glare you also The indicator illuminates to show you that lose some rear view clarity.

All the lights are cut off when all the side doors and back door are locked by key or wireless remote control transmitter. The ignition switch must be turned off.

The higher the number of the dial position, the lower the headlight beam level. Always keep the headlight beam at the proper level, your headlights dazzle other road users.

Always pull as far off the road as pos- sible. The turn signal light switch will not work when the emergency flashers are operat- ing. To turn on the front fog lights, twist the band of the headlight and turn sig- nal switch lever.

They will come on only when the headlights are on low beam. All the side doors and back door are closed and locked. Position 3 Fast Do not operate the wipers if the wind- shield is dry.

It may scratch the For a single sweep of the windshield, glass. The rear window wip- er operates while the washer squirts.

Vehicles with the wind- shield wiper de- icer, the windshield wiper blades will be de- iced. Service reminder indicators and warning buzzers Fill the fuel tank immediately.

Remember, in most cases the slower the engine speed, the greater the fuel economy. This may cause severe engine damage.

You can use one trip meter to calculate the fuel economy and the other to measure the distance on each trip. All trip meter data is cancelled if the elec- trical power source is disconnected.

If parking brake is off, stop immediately and contact Toyota dealer. If the indicator or buzzer comes on Take vehicle to Toyota dealer. If brake system warning light is also on, stop immediately and contact Toyota dealer.

Take vehicle to Toyota dealer immediately. If nothing is caught, contact Toyota dealer. If system malfunctions, contact Toyota Dynamic laser cruise control dealer.

A warning light turning on briefly during light to flash. These cases are temporary malfunctions. Have your vehicle dealer.

The malfunction indicator lamp will go off checked by your Toyota dealer as soon as after taking several driving trips.

If the lamp does not go off even after On inclines or curves, due to the move- It may ruin the engine. In this case, not only the anti- lock brake system will fail but also the brake system will fail but also the vehicle will become extremely unsta- vehicle will become extremely unsta- ble during braking.

The light will remain on thereafter. If any service reminder indicator or warn- ing buzzer does not function as described above, have it checked by your Toyota dealer as soon as possible.

Engine braking shifting into overdrive not possible 3, 2: Stronger engine braking Shift with the brake pedal L: Maximum engine braking depressed.

Release the parking brake and brake All- wheel drive models pedal. Depress the accelerator pedal Always keep your foot on the brake pedal while stopped with the engine 3.

With the brake pedal pressed down, running. This means drive at an appropriate and cautious that the traction control system is in the speed for the present road condi- self- check mode, but does not indicate a tions.

The vehicle stability control system is al- ing. If the light comes on while driving, the system does not work. However, as con- ventional braking operates when applied, there is no problem to continue your driv- ing.

If the indicator light does not contact your Toyota dealer. If the light comes on while driving, the the tire pressure warning system will not system does not work.

However, as con- function properly. The tread wear is uneven among the Initialization was not performed correct- tires. When initializing the system, the pres- ent tire condition is stored as a stan- dard.

If you push the reset switch while the vehicle is moving, initialization is not per- formed. Avoid vehicle speed increases when driving downhill.

You can now take your foot off When the ignition is turned off, the system the accelerator pedal. Do Steering wheel If this is the case, contact your Toyota not use cruise control except in ap- dealer and have your vehicle inspected.

When using the windshield wipers at high or low speeds the dynamic laser radar cruise control turns off. When the ignition is turned off, the system is also automatically turned off.

If you use the using the control lever. Confirm the brake pedal, cruise control is cancelled. The vehicle- to- vehicle distance is always ing control is automatically activated.

At set to LONG when the ignition switch is this time, the display flashes. However, if the glass sensor is covered The speed has just been set.

Do not affix a sticker including a transparent sticker or attach an ac- cessory around the laser radar sen- sor. Always con- system might have malfunctioned.

When the system is turned off, cruising speed must be reset when the convention- al cruise control mode is turned on again.

If you use the brake pedal, cruise control is cancelled. Never try to disassemble or oil any part of the compact disc player. Do not insert anything except a com- pact disc into the slot.

When you release the button, the compact disc play- er will resume playing. To turn off random feature, push this button again.

To stop scanning, push this button again. If the player has scanned all the discs, it will stop scanning.

If the signal becomes extremely weak, the radio switches from stereo to mono recep- tion. Turn the knob counterclockwise to step down the fre- quency.

Turn the knob counterclockwise to file down. Push and release the eject but- TRE: Adjusts high- pitched tones. Adjusts the sound balance between ton.

The display ranges from L7 to R7. If the malfunction still exists, take your vehicle to your Toyota dealer. When playing a disc featuring both audio the magazine in random order.

When the disc ends, the player will repeat feature, push this button again. To turn off the repeat feature, push this button again. If the auto changer has scanned all the discs, it will stop scanning.

The discs in the compact disc changer of separate unit can be scanned up only. Turn the portable audio device.

Some parts of the audio system can be adjusted using the switches on the steer- ing wheel. Details of the specific switches, controls, and features are described below.

Volume control switch 2. If you want to return down for a station. Do this again to find to the beginning of the current file, push the next station.

Rear seat entertainment system display 4. Front audio system 5. Power outlet main switch 6. The wireless headphone can be used within rear seat.

If the signal be- comes weak, the headphone will mute. To reduce the chance of injury in case of an accident or sudden stop while driving, close the display when it is not in use.

It may cause an accident, fire or electric shock. These conditions could cause case to deform or the battery to ex- plode or leak.

Remove the cover of the controller 2. Remove the insulating sheet. To reduce the chance of injury in case of an accident or a sudden stop while driving, stow the controller in the console box or front seat side table when it is not in use.

After replacing the battery, check that the Install the cover. Remove the cover of the controller as controller operates properly.

If the control- shown. The condition of the rear system lock is maintained, even when the ignition switch is turned off.

There is a problem inside the player. Set the disc again. When the switch is selected by the joys- tick, the outline of the switch changes to blue.

For the operation of the menu screen, see the separate manual for the DVD disc. For further details of the predetermined screen, see the separate manual for the DVD disc.

The player starts play- ing disc for that title number. The selected title number will appear on the screen. The selected subtitle language will appear on the screen.

The selected audio language will appear on the screen. The angle number which you can select will appear on the screen.

To stop scanning, push this switch again. When the player has scanned all the tracks on the disc, it will stop scan- ning. To turn off random When the switch is pushed while a play mode, push the switch again.

DVD video discs for children can Indicates regions in be played. DVD video discs for children can be played. Usually, one piece of a movie, one album, or one audio program is assigned as a title.

A unit smaller than a title. A title comprises plural chapters. Turn it downward to in- crease the volume, turn it upward to de- crease the volume.

This results in static. Remove discs from the compact disc player when you are not playing them. Store them in their plastic cases away from moisture, heat, and direct sun- light.

The unit cannot dis- play disc title, track title and artist name in other formats. Air intake selector 3.

Air flow selector 4. Fresh—Draws outside air into the sys- tem. To prevent fogging up of the windshield, the air intake mode may change automati- cally to FRESH depending on the condi- tion of the air conditioning system.

This vents the hot air, allowing the air conditioning to cool the interior more quickly. Air conditioning For best results, set controls to: This is to clean up the front view more quickly.

Windshield air flow button 7. Fan speed selector 9. Air intake selector This button changes the temperature on the driver side, front passenger side and rear passenger side simultaneously.

To turn on the air conditioning, press the vents. To turn the air conditioning 4. Fan speed selector rear 2. Air flow selectors 3. Bi- level—Air flows from both the roof crease.

Floor—Air flows from the floor vent. Turn the knob to adjust the tempera- ture—to the right to warm, to the left to cool.

Temperature selector rear 4. Fan speed selectors 5. To turn on the rear air conditioning system using the front control panel, push the button.

To turn it off, push the button again. The air conditioning filter prevents dust from entering the vehicle through the air conditioning vent. Open the glove box, and slide off 2.

The air filter should be installed prop- erly in position. The use of air condi- tioning with the air filter removed may cause deteriorated dustproof per- formance and then affect air condi- tioning performance.

Garage door opener buttons 3. Garage door opener indicator 5. Outside temperature and cruise information display 6. Push and hold home lighting systems, and security down one of the buttons until the indi- systems, etc.

This third press and release will complete the programming process by opening the garage door. If you sell your vehicle, be sure to erase al safety standards.

Using a garage the programs stored in the HomeLink door opener without these features memory. Accuracy varies with driving habits and road conditions.

At this time, front and rear air conditioning displays also change. The compass works to calibrate the direc- Northeast tion automatically while the vehicle is in East motion, if deviation is small.

To select the zone where the vehicle is currently located, refer to the following map. Be sure to adjust the display only when the vehicle is stopped.

With manual air conditioning system During calibration, do not operate elec- tric systems moon roof, power win- dows, etc.

Be sure to adjust turned on, the brightness of the time in- the mirror only when the vehicle is dication will be reduced. To use the mirror, push it down.

The mirror angle can be adjusted by push- or less. When the vehicle is forwarding, the front corner sensors work.

Rear corner sensors 3: In the following cases, the buzzer will sound several times and the indicator will stay on to indicate that the system is not working properly.

When the temperature is extremely low. When any of the sensors are malfunc- tion. Distance shown as B in Indicator and mm in.

Therefore, always ob- serve the area around the vehicle and do not rely solely on the sys- tem. Rear corner sensors Distance shown as B in Indicator and mm in.

Rear corner sensors 2: When a radio antenna or fender pole is mounted on your vehicle. When a towing hitch is mounted on your vehicle.

Toyota dealer check the system. When the bumper is damaged. Do not use the system when the back door is not completely closed. When the indicator is continuously on.

When backing up, be sure to check behind and all around the ve- hicle visually and with mirror before proceeding. Check surroundings for safety.

Inserting anything other than an ap- propriate plug that fits the outlet, or allowing any liquid to get into the outlet may cause electrical fail- ure or short circuits.

Measuring devices which process pre- cise data: Other appliances requiring an extremely stable power supply: Unlock by inserting the master key and turning it counterclockwise.

Place one spacer on the pin that would be to adhesion of the Velcro. If re- quired, continue to add spacers until contact is achieved. If the transmitter is clattering during driv- ing, fill in a piece of felt or pad to prevent the transmitter from clattering.

Do not leave anything flammable or deformable such as a lighter, glasses, Type B instrument panel Type C instrument panel without seat etc.

This box is designed to place things like bottles. Do not put a cup or open bottle in the bottle holder because the con- tents may spill when the door opens or closes.

To remove the console box: Open the auxiliary box of the rear side and pull up the lock release lever to disengage the rear lock.

Then lift the console box and release the front hook. Make sure the console box is se- curely locked by pushing forward and rearward.

Failure to do so may cause an unexpected accident or severe injury in the event of emer- gency braking or a collision. The cup holder and small tray are in the tray to the console box under- tray, then console box.

Make sure the cup holder and small tray are locked securely. If the curtain shield airbag inflates, those items will be hurled away with great force or the curtain shield airbag may not activate cor- rectly.

When you hang clothes, hang them on the coat hook directly. After adjusting, be sure to tighten the rectly.

If the floor carpet and floor mat have two holes, then they are designed for use with two locking clips. Fix the floor mat with locking clips into the holes in the floor carpet.

If the floor slips and interferes with movement of the pedals during driv- ing, it may cause an accident. Also, light knocking for a short time while accel- this can increase maintenance costs.

This is normal and there is no need for concern. If you use gasohol in your els. The WWFC improves air quali- rating no lower than In a very few cases, you may experience The exhaust gas is very hot.

Do not drive, idle or park your ve- hicle over anything that might burn easily such as grass, leaves, paper or rags.

This means that the anti- lock brake system is in the self- check mode, and does not indicate a malfunction. Compared with vehicles without an anti- lock brake system, your vehicle may require a longer stopping dis- tance in the following cases: In this case, not only the anti- lock brake system will fail but also the vehicle will become extremely unsta- ble during braking.

Have your Toyota dealer perform the bed- ding- down. This is the primary identification number checked and replaced by your Toyota for your Toyota.

It is used in registering dealer as soon as possible. Expensive ro- the ownership of your vehicle. Tire ply composition and mate- rials—Plies mean a layer of rub- ber- coated parallel cords.

Cords mean the strands forming the plies in the tire. Tire size code sidewall. A tire not marked with 5. Wheel diameter in inches Load index 2 digits or 3 digits Safety Requirements in addi- tion to these grades.

Quality grades can be found where appli- cable on the tire sidewall between tread shoulder and maximum sec- tion width. Excessive speed, underinfla- tion, or excessive loading, either sep- arately or in combination, can cause heat buildup and possible tire failure.

In an accident they in the luggage compartment may injure the vehicle occu- higher than the seatbacks. Keep cargo and luggage low, as close to the floor as pos- sible.

For details about trailer towing, see kg lb. How to save fuel and make your vehicle last longer If the engine stalls Simply restart it, using the correct proce- dure given in normal starting.

If the engine will not start If they still do not work safely, pull to the side of the road and call a Toyota dealer for assistance.

If they are Do not attempt to go off- road in your wet, your vehicle will require a Observe the following tire instruc- Toyota. It is not designed for off- road longer stopping distance, tions.

Otherwise, an accident may oc- use. Follow Do not use plain water alone. This found at a highway weighing station, build- cause serious damage to your vehicle.

The load on either the front or rear kg lb. Have someone guide you when tial, wheel bearing, etc. When the wheel blocks are in place, radius with your vehicle.

Apply the parking brake firmly. Get into high gear as quickly as possible. Maintain a moderate speed on high- ways.

The faster you drive, the greater the fuel consumption. By reducing your speed, you will cut down on fuel con- sumption. If you cannot operate back door opener Have with your foot off the accelerator pedal.

If none of If the engine turns over at its normal If the engine does not start after 15 se- your keys work, there may be a malfunc- speed but will not start— Then get immediate medical attention.

If possible, continue to apply water with a sponge or cloth while en route to the medical office. Have your vehicle 7. Carefully dispose of the battery cover again.

Escaping steam or coolant is hot. Serious injury could result from a sign of very high pressure. A spare tire is not provided on ve- hicles with run- flat tires.

If caught, resulting in damage. To prepare yourself for an emergency, you should familiarize yourself with the use of the jack, each of the tools and their storage locations.

Open the right side sliding door and you will find the flap on the floor. Pull back the flap to find the spare tire clamp bolt.

Do not store the flat spare As the tire carrier is designed for the tire with the tire carrier so it compact spare tire, the standard tire may not be held securely.

When storing the wheel nut wrench, 4. Loosen the bolt, then remove the stop. Then take the spare tire out of the vehicle.

Do not try to pull off the orna- ment by hand. Nel terzo secolo, quando tali codici divennero alquanto diffusi, quelli di pergamena iniziarono ad essere popolari.

In breve, anche in Egitto , la fonte mondiale del papiro , il codice di pergamena occupava una notevole quota di mercato. Sono tutti di pergamena, edizioni eleganti, scritti in elaborata calligrafia su sottili fogli di pergamena.

Per tali edizioni di lusso il papiro era certamente inadatto. In almeno un'area, la giurisprudenza romana , il codex di pergamena veniva prodotto sia in edizioni economiche che in quelle di lusso.

Le ragioni erano buone: La caduta dell'Impero romano nel V secolo d. Il papiro divenne difficile da reperire a causa della mancanza di contatti con l' Antico Egitto e la pergamena , che per secoli era stata tenuta in secondo piano, divenne il materiale di scrittura principale.

I monasteri continuarono la tradizione scritturale latina dell' Impero romano d'Occidente. La tradizione e lo stile dell' Impero romano predominava ancora, ma gradualmente emerse la cultura del libro medievale.

I monaci irlandesi introdussero la spaziatura tra le parole nel VII secolo. L'innovazione fu poi adottata anche nei Paesi neolatini come l'Italia , anche se non divenne comune prima del XII secolo.

Si ritiene che l'inserimento di spazi tra le parole abbia favorito il passaggio dalla lettura semi-vocalizzata a quella silenziosa.

Prima dell'invenzione e della diffusione del torchio tipografico , quasi tutti i libri venivano copiati a mano, il che li rendeva costosi e relativamente rari.

I piccoli monasteri di solito possedevano al massimo qualche decina di libri, forse qualche centinaio quelli di medie dimensioni.

Il processo della produzione di un libro era lungo e laborioso. Infine, il libro veniva rilegato dal rilegatore [26].

Le copertine erano fatte di legno e ricoperte di cuoio. Esistono testi scritti in rosso o addirittura in oro, e diversi colori venivano utilizzati per le miniature.

A volte la pergamena era tutta di colore viola e il testo vi era scritto in oro o argento per esempio, il Codex Argenteus. Per tutto l'Alto Medioevo i libri furono copiati prevalentemente nei monasteri, uno alla volta.

Il sistema venne gestito da corporazioni laiche di cartolai , che produssero sia materiale religioso che profano [28]. Nelle prime biblioteche pubbliche i libri venivano spesso incatenati ad una libreria o scrivania per impedirne il furto.

Questi libri furono chiamati libri catenati. Vedi illustrazione a margine. L' ebraismo ha mantenuto in vita l'arte dello scriba fino ad oggi.

Anche gli arabi produssero e rilegarono libri durante il periodo medievale islamico , sviluppando tecniche avanzate di calligrafia araba , miniatura e legatoria.

Col metodo di controllo, solo "gli autori potevano autorizzare le copie, e questo veniva fatto in riunioni pubbliche, in cui il copista leggeva il testo ad alta voce in presenza dell'autore, il quale poi la certificava come precisa".

In xilografia , un'immagine a bassorilievo di una pagina intera veniva intarsiata su tavolette di legno, inchiostrata e usata per stampare le copie di quella pagina.

Questo metodo ebbe origine in Cina , durante la Dinastia Han prima del a. I monaci o altri che le scrivevano, venivano pagati profumatamente.

I primi libri stampati, i singoli fogli e le immagini che furono creati prima del in Europa, sono noti come incunaboli.

Folio 14 recto del Vergilius romanus che contiene un ritratto dell'autore Virgilio. Da notare la libreria capsa , il leggio ed il testo scritto senza spazi in capitale rustica.

Leggio con libri catenati , Biblioteca Malatestiana di Cesena. Incunabolo del XV secolo. Si noti la copertina lavorata, le borchie d'angolo e i morsetti.

Insegnamenti scelti di saggi buddisti , il primo libro stampato con caratteri metallici mobili, Le macchine da stampa a vapore diventarono popolari nel XIX secolo.

Queste macchine potevano stampare 1. Le macchine tipografiche monotipo e linotipo furono introdotte verso la fine del XIX secolo. Nel [34] nasce il Progetto Gutenberg , lanciato da Michael S.

Hart , la prima biblioteca di versioni elettroniche liberamente riproducibili di libri stampati. I libri a stampa sono prodotti stampando ciascuna imposizione tipografica su un foglio di carta.

Le varie segnature vengono rilegate per ottenere il volume. L'apertura delle pagine, specialmente nelle edizioni in brossura , era di solito lasciata al lettore fino agli anni sessanta del XX secolo , mentre ora le segnature vengono rifilate direttamente dalla tipografia.

Nei libri antichi il formato dipende dal numero di piegature che il foglio subisce e, quindi, dal numero di carte e pagine stampate sul foglio.

Le "carte di guardia", o risguardi, o sguardie, sono le carte di apertura e chiusura del libro vero e proprio, che collegano materialmente il corpo del libro alla coperta o legatura.

Non facendo parte delle segnature , non sono mai contati come pagine. Si chiama "controguardia" la carta che viene incollata su ciascun "contropiatto" la parte interna del "piatto" della coperta, permettendone il definitivo ancoraggio.

In origine era costituito dalla firma del copista o dello scriba, e riportava data, luogo e autore del testo; in seguito fu la formula conclusiva dei libri stampati nel XV e XVI secolo che conteneva, spesso in inchiostro rosso, il nome dello stampatore, luogo e data di stampa e l'insegna dell'editore.

Usata raramente fino a tutto il Settecento quando solitamente l'editore vendeva i libri slegati o applicava una semplice copertina di protezione, che veniva poi gettata dal legatore divenne molto popolare a partire dai primi anni dell' Ottocento , forse su impulso degli stampatori Brasseur di Parigi [38].

Nel libro antico poteva essere rivestita di svariati materiali: Poteva essere decorata con impressioni a secco o dorature.

The general visa policy of Russia did not apply to participants and spectators, who were able to visit Russia without a visa right before and during the competition regardless of their citizenship.

A Fan-ID was required to enter the country visa-free, while a ticket, Fan-ID and a valid passport were required to enter stadiums for matches.

Fan-IDs also granted World Cup attendees free access to public transport services, including buses, and train service between host cities.

Fan-ID was administered by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media , who could revoke these accreditations at any time to "ensure the defence capability or security of the state or public order".

The official match ball of the World Cup group stage was " Telstar 18 ", based on the name and design of the first Adidas World Cup ball from It was introduced on 9 November After the group stage, "Telstar Mechta" was used for the knockout stage.

The word mechta Russian: The difference between Telstar 18 and Mechta is the red details on the design. Its music video was released on 8 June Thirty-three footballers who are alleged to be part of the steroid program are listed in the McLaren Report.

The choice of Russia as host has been challenged. Controversial issues have included the level of racism in Russian football, [] [] [] and discrimination against LGBT people in wider Russian society.

Allegations of corruption in the bidding processes for the and World Cups caused threats from England's FA to boycott the tournament. Garcia , a US attorney, to investigate and produce a report on the corruption allegations.

Eckert's summary cleared Russia and Qatar of any wrongdoing, but was denounced by critics as a whitewash. On 3 June , the FBI confirmed that the federal authorities were investigating the bidding and awarding processes for the and World Cups.

In response to the March poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal , British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that no British ministers or members of the royal family would attend the World Cup, and issued a warning to any travelling England fans.

The British Foreign Office and MPs had repeatedly warned English football fans and "people of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent" travelling to Russia of "racist or homophobic intimidation, hooligan violence and anti-British hostility".

At the close of the World Cup Russia was widely praised for its success in hosting the tournament, with Steve Rosenberg of the BBC deeming it "a resounding public relations success" for Putin, adding, "The stunning new stadiums, free train travel to venues and the absence of crowd violence has impressed visiting supporters.

Russia has come across as friendly and hospitable: All the foreign fans I have spoken to are pleasantly surprised. FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated, "Everyone discovered a beautiful country, a welcoming country, that is keen to show the world that everything that has been said before might not be true.

A lot of preconceived ideas have been changed because people have seen the true nature of Russia. In February , Ukrainian rightsholder UA: PBC stated that it would not broadcast the World Cup.

This came in the wake of growing boycotts of the tournament among the Football Federation of Ukraine and sports minister Ihor Zhdanov.

Broadcast rights to the tournament in the Middle East were hampered by an ongoing diplomatic crisis in Qatar over alleged support of extremist groups.

Qatar is the home country of the region's rightsholder, beIN Sports. On 2 June , beIN pulled its channels from Du and Etisalat , but with service to the latter restored later that day.

Etisalat subsequently announced that it would air the World Cup in the UAE, and continue to offer beIN normally and without interruptions.

On 12 July , FIFA stated that it "has engaged counsel to take legal action in Saudi Arabia and is working alongside other sports rights owners that have also been affected to protect its interests.

The elimination of the United States in qualifying led to concerns that US interest and viewership of this World Cup would be reduced especially among "casual" viewers interested in the US team , especially noting how much Fox paid for the rights, and that US games at the World Cup peaked at During a launch event prior to the elimination, Fox stated that it had planned to place a secondary focus on the Mexican team in its coverage to take advantage of their popularity among US viewers factoring Hispanic and Latino Americans.

Fox stated that it was still committed to broadcasting a significant amount of coverage for the tournament. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other competitions of that name, see World Cup disambiguation.

For the video game, see FIFA Not a FIFA member. Bronnitsy , Moscow Oblast Australia: Kazan , Republic of Tatarstan Belgium: Krasnogorsky , Moscow Oblast Brazil: Sochi , Krasnodar Krai Colombia: Verkhneuslonsky , Republic of Tatarstan Costa Rica: Roshchino , Leningrad Oblast [78] Denmark: Anapa , Krasnodar Krai Egypt: Grozny , Chechen Republic England: Repino , Saint Petersburg [79] France: Istra , Moscow Oblast Germany: Vatutinki , Moscow [80] Iceland: Gelendzhik , Krasnodar Krai Iran: Bakovka, Moscow Oblast Japan: Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan Mexico: Khimki , Moscow Oblast Morocco: Voronezh , Voronezh Oblast Nigeria: Yessentuki , Stavropol Krai Panama: Saransk , Republic of Mordovia Peru: Sochi, Krasnodar Krai Portugal: Ramenskoye , Moscow Oblast Russia: Khimki, Moscow Oblast Saudi Arabia: Kaluga , Kaluga Oblast Serbia: Svetlogorsk , Kaliningrad Oblast South Korea: Krasnodar , Krasnodar Krai Sweden: Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai Switzerland:

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